Torso model of veins and arteries

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principal veins and arteries Arteries distribute oxygenated blood throughout the body, while veins carry deoxygenated blood to the heart. Pulmonary arteries and veins .
This 16 part anatomically correct human torso model is an educational tool of true quality. The torso is hand-painted true to detail and made of high-quality plastic.
Head Scientific Medical Education And Research With Veins, Nerves, Head Arteries, Larynx Model
Magnified Artery and Vein Model(anatomical model) anatomical model, human anatomy, antomic model material: advanced PVC. Type: Anatomical Model
Figure 3-31.
Big Red Torso Model Skeletal System . Frontal bone; Parietal bone; Occipital bone; Temporal bone; Zygomatic bone; Mandible; Hyoid bone; Maxilla; Lacrimal bone; Nasal bone
TORSO MODEL #1 1. Frontalis Muscle (Frontal Belly of Occipitofrontalis Muscle) (Epicranius Muscle) 2. Orbiularis Oculi Muscle 3. Procerus Muscle 4. Levator .
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This life-size, sexless Human Torso Model is appropriate for any human anatomy course. All of the major organ systems are represented with great attention and .
Uploaded by desireangels on Nov 27, 2007 Human A&P Lab Exam Info on human model. Category: Science & Technology Tags: veins arteries human License .
General arterial flow out of the heart Oxygenated blood is pumped out of the heart by the left ventricle and then enters the ascending aorta. (The left and.
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Manufacturer and Exporter of Biological Models, Biological Models & Charts, Human Torso , Unisex-12 Parts, Torso With Head, Torso With Interchangeable Sex Organs and .
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Torso Model, Anatomical Skele - Torso Models For Scools Medical Education And Models Torso model of veins and arteries Doctors.Skeletal Torso, Skele-Torso, Skeletorso with Muscles Anatomical Models .

Torso model of veins and arteries

This video was produced to help students of human anatomy at Modesto Junior College study our anatomical models.
Interaktiv torso CD-ROM |. Detailed, fully labeled, and interactive 3D anatomy model of the thorax and large intestine ; Peritoneum ; All arteries, nerves and veins.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Anatomical Models, Biological Models, Human Torso , Unisex-12 Parts, Torso With Head, Torso With Interchangeable
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